MSHS Blogs

Erica Collins Middle School Math 

Kevin Cornwall MS Science, Electives

Mark Boothby Middle School English, Publications, Student Government

Kurt Scheffler Middle School Social Studies, Western Civilization, US History, Government

Robert McDougall High School Math

Jason George  Marine Science, Physical Science, Biology

Becky Mitchell High School English, Drama/Public Speaking, Chemistry, Physics

Rebecca Vance Spanish and Art

Debra Ellis     Musical Theatre

Heather Burton   Elementary Special Ed Teacher, RTI and 504 Coordinator

Mary Dowski -  Guidance Counselor

Al Ellis  - Band, Choir

Casey Boothby HS STEM

Dusty Berg - Elementary PE, MSHS PE and Health

Kara Evans - 6th Grade, Electives

Jamie Warr - 6th Grade, Electives