Registering for CWI spring and year-long classes begins TODAY. Fast Forward portal is OPEN!

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Parents, TODAY, students can begin assisting their students in enrolling for year long and spring CWI classes. If you and students need directions, please view my web site page:

There is both a you tube video and pdf instructions on that page. The window for registration CLOSES 2/16/18.
NNU's Economics class registration also opens and is due by 2/24/18. Apply here for registration:
At the same time students are dual enrolling, they should also be requesting funding through the Fast Forward portal. This window closes 2/23/18. If they DO NOT request funds, they pay for the class. ($65/credit) If directions or links to the account are needed, please visit my web site:
List of classes for CWI enrollment this spring:
  VCS Dual Credit Offerings Semester 2/Yearlong (Due Spring)            
                Credit cost Registration Payment DROP
College VCS Course Teacher College Subject Course # Section Course Title # of credits per course Due Date Due* Deadline
                  (Dual Enroll online)  
CWI Pre-Calc McDougall MATH147     Pre-Calculus 5 $325  Feb. 16  June 9th March 16th
  Calc McDougall MATH170     Calculus 5 $325      
  English 11 Mitchell ENG101     English Composition 1 3 $195      
  US History B Scheffler HIST112     American History 2 3 $195      
  US Govt. Scheffler POLS101     American National Govt 3 $195      
  West. Civ B Scheffler HIST102     Western Civilization 2 3 $195      
  Spanish 1 Vance SPAN101     Elementary Spanish 1 4 $260      
  Spanish 2  Vance SPAN102     Elementary Spanish 2 4 $260      
  Geology Cornwall GEOL101     Physical Geology 4 $260      
  Chemistry Mitchell CHEM101     Intro to Chemistry 4 $260      
  Physics Cornwall PHYS100     Survey of Physics 4 $260      
NNU Economics Scheffler ECON1050     Analysis of Economic Issues 3 $195 Feb. 24