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Frequently asked questions:

Does my Spanish student have homework? - Yes! They are always supposed to be studying their vocabulary lists for that chapter/unit. If in classwork is not completed it becomes homework otherwise no other homework is assigned. 

Does my Art student have homework? Normally all art work is completed in class. If a student is not able to finish in class it then becomes homework. No formal homework assignments are assigned in art class. 

Where can I find assignments and when are they due? This year all of the assignments are being loaded on to infinite campus. (Viewable via parent portal) You can view when the assignment will be assigned and when it is due. Check the calendar options of the portal. 

What is the most important thing for my student to do to be successful in Art and Spanish? Be here and turn in their work. If students are in class and turning in their work they will be successful. Students who are frequently absent miss instruction and peer interaction that is difficult to make up. Students who do not turn in their work do not get a grade for that work and make it extremely difficult to pass the class. 

Do you use a digital classroom tool like edmodo or google classroom? Yes, we use google classroom for all the Spanish and Art classes. Some classes like digital photography turn in all of their assignments via google classroom. Other classes (mostly art) use the classroom as a communication tool and as a way to share instruction resources. (rubrics etc) 

In the event that you lose or forget your Infinite Campus log on information please contact Amy Bowers at


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